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Online dermatology overview for doctors

Free trial

If you would like to try out our system, please contact us using the following contact information: or +36 30 321 6463. We welcome the participation of private doctors, private clinics, and public institutions as well. If you have any further questions after reading this information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Efficiency and Accuracy of Care

The first question that naturally arises is whether it is possible to provide accurate diagnoses based on photographs. Based on our research conducted in collaboration with Semmelweis University, which involved the analysis of a large number of cases treated during the Covid pandemic and detailed examination of 779 lesions in 749 patients, the overall diagnostic agreement was 87.9% (κ = 0.754) for the selected diagnostic codes. For further details, please refer to our scientific publication:

Easy Usability

Our system was developed in collaboration with dermatologists through continuous consultation, making both the reporting interface and the entire system physician-centric, emphasizing quick overview and easy usability for more efficient care. If necessary, additional photos can be requested or additional questions can be answered with just a few clicks.

Well-prepared Cases

The photographs are well-instructed, and based on our experience, it is only necessary to request new images in 1% of cases. The questionnaire is also adequately extensive, so additional questions were required similarly in only 1% of cases.
In general, approximately 90% of cases can be diagnosed and provided with comprehensive care through teledermatology, while the remaining 10% require in-person examination for appropriate treatment.

Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

Patient photos and questionnaire responses are immediately encrypted on the device. There is an additional encryption layer applied during data transmission for both photos and responses. This data is stored on a server located in Germany, also encrypted, and subsequently becomes accessible only to the processing physician or institution. The patient receives the report in encrypted PDF format. With these layers of security and additional internal system design solutions, our system ensures high data security and GDPR compliance. (GDPR compliance may be questionable in the case of email- or WhatsApp-based care.)